Amandeep Kaur is the Managing Director at Scanoleum. She has an expertise in LNG supply chain and her role spans Business Development and Marketing, Origination, Sales and Trading. Leveraging her experience in the above fields, she built partnerships with several LNG players.

 Along with building an LNG trading book, Ms. Kaur is also very keen to develop LNG infrastructure projects that will open new distribution opportunities in India and Asia. Aligning with goal of decarbonization and net zero by 2050, she is also focused on developing customer centric, cost-effective and innovative solutions to reduce carbon emissions.


 Prior to becoming active in project development in Energy and specifically the Clean Energy niche, Ms. Kaur has worked as a Financial Controller for 5 years where she developed the required financial and accounting expertise to support trading and development activities. Additionally, she has authored many publications in Industry Trade magazines wherein she has written about clean energy, efficient fuels and disruptive technologies for the energy industry. Ms. Kaur holds an MBA in Finance and Marketing from University of Delaware, Newark, Delaware, USA.



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Harinder Singh is the Founder President of Scanoleum. A Drilling industry veteran with 30 years of hands-on experience spanning across the areas of Petroleum, Safety Management Systems, Contracts and Negotiations, and Oil & Gas. Subject matter expert in land and offshore Drilling Operations, Rig Construction and LNG plants, FPSO with Operations  across North America, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East.He has a BS in Electrical Engineering. 


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