Sustainable, Reliable and Affordable LNG SUPPLY

Creating  Value for all LNG Participants  in the  Value Chain

  • Leveraging our relationships with producers and suppliers, we are well positioned in market to supply LNG to counter-parties at a competitive price under spot/term contract

  • We work in partnerships/ collaboration with several producers and suppliers

  • Diverse Portfolios

  • Flexible Contracts (Destination Flexibility, Cargo Volume Flexibility, Diversion options) 

  • Shipping options include Cost, Insurance and Freight (CIF)/Delivered Ex Ship (DES)

  • Wide range of pricing options including Fixed Price, Indexation such as hub linked pricing, Oil-linked Pricing

  • Geographical Areas covered are South East Asia, East Asia and Europe

  • Our customers include end-users and credit-worthy trading companies

  • Liquefied Natural Gas ( LNG) the Cleanest fossil fuel is simply "Natural Gas" in its liquid state.

  • Natural Gas refrigerated to a temperature of about minus160°C (or minus 260°F) at atmospheric pressure

  • Clear, Colorless, and Odorless liquid

  • Used as a Bunker Fuel in Ships, fuel for heavy trucks, fuel in Powerplants and Fertilizer plants, Residential utilities


Products we trade are Light Crude Oil, Mazut M100, LNG, Jet Fuel-JP 54/A1, Jet Fuel A.


We source oil from a well-established network of partners generating significant economies of scale and thus resulting in low overall costs while focusing on the quality.

Our product procurement team conducts extensive due diligence to ensure reliable supply and on-SPEC product.

We also assist our clients in managing their risks inherent in oil markets using hedging.

We offer only term contracts.